List of Works

ECHOES (2013) for Violin and pre-recorded electronics
SPHERE [4] (2019) for Violin with live and pre-recorded electronics
WINDY CITY (2006) for saxophone quartet
BIRDS OF DAWN (2007) for Pre-Recorded Electronics, Two Channels
ACCIDENTAL MUSIC (2009) for flute, clarinet, violin, double bass, and horn/bassoon/bass trombone
SONATA (2009) for violin and piano
SHARDS OF GLARE (2010) for soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano
KINAH (2011) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano
KA (2012) for Viola, Percussion and Piano
DIXIE (2013) For Brass Quintet
THE SECRET LIVES OF PE(ST)S (2013) Four Comic Songs about our Small Companions at Home
CONCERTO (2013) for saxophone and chamber orchestra
FOSSILIZATION (2013) for Symphony Orchestra with Saxophone Quartet
POLYRHYTHMUS (2013) Percussion Quartet No. 1
TOCATTA (2013) for solo violin
FANTASY (2013) for solo horn
I DON’T MIND (2013) for bass-baritone and piano
A CLEAR MIDNIGHT (2013) On the Poem by Walt Whitman
GLUTTONY’S ARIA (2013) for for soprano and piano
A TASTE OF DAMNATION (2014–2015) An Opera in Three Scenes
HASHKIVENU (2014) for choir, cantor, and piano/organ
PATIENCE / IMPATIENCE (2014) for violin and electronics
THE JABBERWOCKY (2014/2020) for coloratura soprano and piano or ensemble
LETTERS TO ENGELS (2015) Three Scenes based on the Letters of Karl Marx to Friedrich Engels
MAQAMAT المقامات (2015) for solo cello
OFAN (2016) for SSAATTBB Choir a cappella
ESCAPE VELOCITY (2016) for Large Ensemble
THE RAVEN (2017) Music for a Reading of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven"
KNOCK ON WOOD (2017) Percussion Quartet No. 2
ASCENSIONS (2017) for Violin and Live Electronics
ME AND MY SONG (2019) An Evening-Length Song Cycle on the Poems of Langston Hughes
PUGAW-EARTHWORLD (2018) Music for Symphony Orchestra Inspired by The Banaue Rice Terraces
I HEARD A FUNERAL IN MY BRAIN (2018) Work for Soprano and Ensemble on the Poem by Emily Dickinson
THE MIRACLE OF HANUKKAH (2018) A Hanukkah Celebration
THE THIN SOUND OF SILENCE (2018) for Violin, Midi Keyboard and Live Electronics
THE EXAGOGE (in progress) An Opera-Theater Event on a script by Edward Einhorn