I offer lessons in composition, music theory, music technology, violin and viola.

For inquiries about violin or viola lessons, visit My Studio Website:


Prerequisites for Composition Lessons:

Before starting to take composition lessons, students should be fluent in reading notated music, or proficient in playing music by ear on at least one instrument. Having a basic knowledge of keyboard instruments is encouraged. Students who are interested in using music technology must have access to their own computer and at least one DAW.

Students who are interested in writing music for live instruments must at least know how to read music. Notation programs such as Musescore or Sibelius are acceptable for submitting music for review. Paper music is also acceptable.

Becoming a Composer:

How does one become a composer? Composing music depends on your ability to imagine original music in your head. But the process of composing is different for every composer. While some improvise on their instruments, some prefer to come up with ideas while strolling in nature. Other composers come up with a story and put it to music, or imitate industrial sounds, or use mathematical equations, or algorithms, or sample sounds, or drum loops. Learning composition is exciting and rewarding, no matter which path you choose

Music Theory:

I offer music theory lessons in harmony, counterpoint, and orchestration. Please message with specific questions for more details.

Location of Lessons:

Lessons take place either in my home studio in Gaithersburg, MD or via Zoom.