“The musical means deployed are isolationist; Finberg is accompanied by live electronics ­– no accompanist needed – involving music loops and pre-recorded material that gives the impression, where needed, of the ghost of communal music-making. The effect is haunting, the embodiment of the dichotomy of being physically detached yet emotionally totally engaged in an experience everyone has shared…With excellent sound engineering by Daniel Shores (The Four Seasons) and Nate Richardson (The Raven), this is an intriguing, entertaining and thought-provoking album.”

Guy Rickards, Gramophone Magazine review, February 2023

“The drama in the letters converted to operatic recitative is very funny…this rendition in operatic solo, by composer Avner Finberg, hits the spot beautifully.”

Carole Di Tosti,, on  Letters to Engel

“The Raven,” the closing piece by Avner Finberg, performed by violinist Sarah Thornblade and narrated by Joti Rockwell, reimagines its namesake classic poem by Edgar Allan Poe. Thornblade stepped on a foot pedal to loop and layered musical phrases instantaneously, gradually crafting an eerie sonic landscape which echoed the psychological horror of the iconic text.”

Maya Zhan, The Student Life