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Avner Finberg is a composer and violinist based in Washington, DC. He is a composer of music for orchestra, operas, chamber music, solo music and choral music.

More information on Avner can be found under the bio icon. The media icon contains video samples and a detailed works catalog can be found under scores


4/24/2024: Premiere of The Exagoge at La Mama Experimental Theater Club in New York City. 

11/17/2023: The final workshop performance of The Exagogé at La Mama NYC. Read announcement on Playbill

10/13/2023: Release of the album Ofanim with Navona Records. Visit album page

2/3/2023: The Raven will receives a west coast premiere as part of the Ussachevsky Memorial Festival of Electroacoustic Music

12/3/2022: The Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes premieres Dances in Freygish, commissioned by the orchestra, with Maestro Toshiyuki Shimada.

11/11/2022: The Four Seasons of Isolation, my debut album, is released with Ravello Records. Listen here.

6/2/2022: Untitled Theater Company No. 61 presents a workshop performance of The Exagogé at the National Opera Center, New York, NY.