Violin and Electronics Works

THE FOUR SEASONS OF ISOLATION (2022) A Concerto for One43 min.

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ECHOES (2013) for Violin and pre-recorded electronics3.35" min.

Avner Finberg, violin

ASCENSIONS (2017) for Violin and Live Electronics5 minutes min.

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Dedication: to the memory of Janah Poplov

THE RAVEN (2017) Music for a Reading of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven"11 minutes min.

Recorded at REP Studios, Ithaca, NY.

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Recording: Extracts from the Full Recording. Full recording will be available for purchase in October 2018. Avner Finberg, violin and live electronics Craig MacDonald, Narrator  

THE THIN SOUND OF SILENCE (2018) for Violin, Midi Keyboard and Live Electronics
Violin, Computer, Midi player, Max operator or pedal unit
5 minutes min.

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SPHERE [4] (2019) for Violin with live and pre-recorded electronics8" min.

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Dedication: for Rachael

Recording: Live recording from the Ithaca New Music Collective’s composer showcase in Argo’s Warehouse, May 6 2019. Avner Finberg, violin