Solo Instrumental Works

THE FOUR SEASONS OF ISOLATION (2022) A Concerto for One43 min.

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TOCATTA (2013) for solo violin04:00 min.

FANTASY (2013) for solo horn04:00 min.
MAQAMAT المقامات (2015) for solo cello06:30 min.

Micha Haran, Cello

THE THIN SOUND OF SILENCE (2018) for Violin, Midi Keyboard and Live Electronics
Violin, Computer, Midi player, Max operator or pedal unit
5 minutes min.

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SPHERE [4] (2019) for Violin with live and pre-recorded electronics8" min.

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Dedication: for Rachael

Recording: Live recording from the Ithaca New Music Collective’s composer showcase in Argo’s Warehouse, May 6 2019. Avner Finberg, violin