Anna and Phinneas lie in bed in the morning. Phinneas is extremely distraught about his inability to function in bed and Anna tries to calm him down. They try to introduce themselves to each other officially, but they can only understand each other’s names. Anna asks Phinneas to stay, while he tries in vain to explain to Anna that his time is up and finally, he leaves. Anna, surprised and distraught, runs out of the store to find him, but he is gone.

Back in Hell, The Father’s new-found remorse turns to physical pain. His agony grows more severe as Anna’s voice drifts down to his chamber. Anna prays to God at church, asking for Phinneas to come back from the dead. The organ starts to play an old hymn that reminds The Father of Anna as a little girl. He decides that he must give his day off to Phinneas, not only so that his daughter can be happy, but also so that he can finally find some relief for his soul.

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