Pugaw for Symphony Orchestra at Banaue International Composition Competition

I am really excited to announce that I was selected as a composer fellow for the Banaue International Music Composition Competition in the Philippines! As a composer fellow I will participate in the cultural immersion program in Banaue, the center of the world-famous rice terraces in the northern Philippines. After that my new piece for symphony orchestra, Pugaw (Earthworld) will be rehearsed and I will get a chance to be selected for the final that will take place in July 25 in Manila. I have already got my shots, prepared 30 different orchestral parts and the score. Now I just have to pack my bags!

The piece Pugaw is inspired by the aural history of the Ifugao: their descent from Kabunyan (Skyworld) to Pugaw (Earthworld) in the beginning of time and the building of the terraces.

I am looking forward to getting to know the music of the Philippines, and the instruments of the people of the northern Philippines. One of the most incredible instruments they have is a nose flute which they play and produce beautiful melodies with:

More to come!